26. tammikuuta 2012

How to get the year started?

This is my first but not the last blog of this year. Who am I you are probably wondering? Allow me to spend few minutes of your time to introduce myself!

My name is Eero Leinonen and I'm the new chairman of LAMKO this year. I'm a 26 years old second year Business Information Technology student in the faculty of business. I like to work and do sports. My passion are working with projects, running, floorball and disc golf! I've lived in Lahti for almost 10 years now and I come not so far away. Other boring details you can come and ask me in person!

How did I come to be the chairman of LAMKO? It's a mixture of strange events that started in last fall. There was a tutor meeting in Nick's premises where last years vice chairman Sebastian Ratu was recruiting new people for this years board. It was that day when the idea of working in the board of LAMKO got stuck in my head.

Still I was a bit unsure what I wanted, international affairs, vice chairman or chairman? As some of you might know that I have been working a lot with DuuniExpo project. Because of that I was thinking that do I have the time to run these two big responsibilities in the first few months of 2012.

As time passed on and the old board members where encouraging me to take the position of chairman I made the decision that this is too good opportunity to pass. During the election there weren't any other candidates so I got chosen for the position. That was over two months ago and it still feel's like yesterday.

What has happened after that and where are we now?

Those who don't know, I'm the guy in the front with coffee. I like coffee.

This is where we are now! This is LAMKO's new and amazing board (+ Markus in the back). The picture was taken this weeks Sunday when we went on a boat trip organized by the union of students in Finnish universities of applied Sciences (SAMOK). This event is called "Lähtölaukaus" in Finnish and it's pretty much starting point in English.

Over two hundred students like us were gathered together to get to know each other and share information and knowledge. SAMOK had their own lectures for us where they tried to fill as much as information as possible in to our heads. And that they did! Wednesday we went through the boat trip with our board and everyone was filled with new ideas how to improve LAMKO as a whole! Just wait and see!

I would like to thank SAMOK for organizing this great event. Keep them coming!

But this was just one of the training sessions we've had so far and there is more to come. So don't worry, there are very skilled people working in LAMKO for you!

In the end I would like to thank the last years board members for taking their time and sharing their knowledge to us. I've started to notice that the long training sessions we had in December and January are starting to pay out.

And remember:

"Out there things happen, and frequently do,
To people as brainy and footsy as you.
And when things start to happen, don't worry, don't stew.
Just go right along, you'll start happening too!"

- Dr. Seuss

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