11. lokakuuta 2012

International Club’s trip to Tallinn

What happens when you put 43 exchange students and 5 tutors in a boat together?

You have fun, get to know other people, dance a lot and …drink… well.. :D “What happens in a boat stays in about”, so of course everything is on facebook.

When we got to the bus to head to Helsinki I was so scared and hoping that every student on the list made it to the bus. All the way to Helsinki I was thinking what I have forgotten and what could go wrong. Luckyly for me everything was  fine except when I heard that we have to be out of the boat at 7am…  Well, I think that everyone had fun time on the boat. So fun that we didn’t think that at 6.30am the cleaner lady would open our door and yell for 15 minutes. Well, for me it was ok after three hours of sleep.. but the othersmaybe didn’t sleep at all.  :P

So what can you do in Tallinn at 7am when nothing is open? Go to wait in front of the McDonald’s  with 40 people for  it to open.
First it sounded awful to be in Tallinn for 10h, but actually I had fun. Well, if you don’t count all the walking to the other side of the city and then someone remembers that sorry I remembered wrong , it is on the other side, re my breakfast on the floor re the tiredness, but all that doesn’t matter because now I can tell a nice story about all that. 

I’m so happy that I went on this trip. I got to know my little tutors better, I was so happy when I saw all the students smiling and laughing and first time I wasn’t just someone who organizes something for the students but I got to be a student also.  

Thanks all for being on this trip! It was so nice to get to know you all!

P.S. Thanks boys who came nicely late and knew exactly where your luggage’s was.

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