26. toukokuuta 2014

You know you have been in finland too long when...

People say that if you spend certain amount of time in other country you start to realize you behave like locals but  in my experience there are not many foreigners who have found the glory of salmiakki or mämmi so there is still a long way to go.  Click this link to see how finnish you really are :D 

Have you ever wondered  how so many people from other countries want to spend their exchange year or even do their degree here in Finland, the land known from thousands of lakes (and polarbears as common pets).

 Here is one point of view written by a international degree student of LUAS: 

My second home

There are many people asked me why I chose Finland. To be honest, the first reason is because of its free and famous education system, otherwise I couldn’t have afforded to come here. And it turned out to the right choice 

Personally, Finland is my second home. I have had so much fun and wonderful experience here. I started to love Finland when I saw its greatness – the people, the cultures, and the country. The Finns are polite yet straightforward, taciturn yet honest speakers, shy yet warm-hearted, individually dependent yet obedient. It can be very hard to get to know the Finns, but once you are their friends, they shall never forget you. Honestly, getting into the Finnish culture is not that easy since it takes so much time to fully understand it, but it is still worth a try!
(c) Stella Dang
And the country, what’s so interesting about Finland?!
If someone now asks me where I would stay for the summer, I would reply right away: I will only spend my summer in Finland and Finland only! :D
Some might love the magnificent white winter of Finland, some perhaps love the yellow and romantic colors of Finland’s autumn. For me, the most beautiful season in here is summer!
It is very hot where I am from, because the heat of the summer stays throughout the year. The summer there actually annoys people, and so we do not have proper ways to celebrate the summer. In Finland, on the other hand, people have to stand the cold weather for over six months of the year, and apparently, they have only three months of summer.
(c) Stella Dang

Amazingly, not only plants bloom and thrive in the summer, but also Finnish people – they are awaken after a long winter. For me, an incredible experience is the “kaamos” – when the sun never goes to sleep. The longest day light is celebrated in Mid-Summer festival, when the sun still shines at mid night.
Finland is such a beautiful country with lakes and forests which are well preserved. So that in summer, people have tons of activities to do, for example, fishing, camping, hiking in the forest, picking mushroom and berries, rowing, grilling/BBQ and so on. We probably never get bored in summer.
The future is still ahead and full of surprises. I am not sure where I will be. But wherever I go, I will never 
forget Finland! 

Photo and text: Stella Dang

Thank you for writing this text and because schools ends soon I'd like to say few more words: 
I personally want to thank everyone who has been co-operating with international sector of LAMKO (alone it would have been quite impossible to do so many things)  and also thank you people for coming to International Club events, it's nice to have such international athmosphere.
 Have a sunny holiday and see you in August !

Mölkky tournament (c) International club

Best regards/terkuin
Iida Kuukka
Head of international affairs/kansainvälisyysvastaava
Tel. +358 44 5700 715
E-mail. kv@lamko.fi

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