28. tammikuuta 2015

LAMKO proudly presents: Board 2015!

Great new year to you all! We have started the year by blast in LAMKO. The new board was chosen and we have spent time orientating ourselves in January. In the beginning of year we also shared areas of responsibilities.

Heidi Lindström is the new chairman of board. Her job is to hold all the strings in her hands together with the vice chairman Monna Salmi. Heidi and Monna lead the board with loving care and develop LAMKO's activities by and large.

This year's leader of the tutor herd, also known as head of tutoring, will be Lauri Isotalo. He will take care of peer tutors as well as international, marketing, degree and callidus tutors. Lauri organizes and develops tutoring and also educates all new tutors together with our secretary of tutoring Heidi.

Marjut Lehtinen and Jussi Ruskeala are in charge of promotion of interests. Marjut will concentrate especially on social policies and Jussi is the head of educational policies. You can contact them on issues concerning quality of education, health care or student accommodation.

The Hungary's gift to Lahti, Béla Gazdag will move all the LAMK students this year. Béla works in co-operation with LAMK Sports and organizes sporty activities to students all around the year.

Minna Ikkala is the new head of communications. Her job is to develop LAMKO's communications and marketing and believe me, new stuff is coming up, stay tuned!

Student culture and parties will be taken care of by old hand, Juhana Salminen and a fresh face, Emmi Heikkilä. Juhana and Emmi make sure that students have things to do in their free time. Rumour says that this year there'll be even more amazing happenings than ever before!

LAMKO's board 2015  
Time to let everyone tell theirselves some things about thmeselves! Here you have it!

1. Name
2. Age
3. Where are you from?
4. What will you be when you grow up?
5. Describe yourself with three words
6. Why did you get involved with LAMKO?
7. What are you expecting from year 2015?

Heidi Lindström, chairman 

1. Heidi Lindström
2. 24
3. I was born in Vantaa, lived in Heinola for a while and now I've lived in Lahti for 4 years.
4. I've studied social work for....well, let's say many years now so hopefully I'll become a social worker one day. Apart from that I'm going to be amazingly smart and filmic.
5. Motivated, easily excitable care taker.
6. The will and burning sensation to develop LAMKO didn't die during last year in the board so I had to continue.
7. Getting excited in new things, learning a lot and motivating every day from this incomparable group of ours!

Monna Salmi, vice chairman

1. Monna Salmi
2. 24
3. Tampere

4. BBA-MBA-General Secretary-communicationsomething
5. Sweet and fired up multitasker
6. Having a good flow so why stop?
7. Challenges and intensive action. Also wonderful people and more memorable tub moments

Lauri Isotalo, head of tutoring

 1. Lauri Isotalo
2. 23 yo
3. Seinäjoki (Passport says Helsinki)

4. BBA at first, but maybe someday I'll become teacher when I actually start to study.
5. Open-minded, social, outspoken
6. Actually I don't even know where did I get the idea. Probably there's an idea about that I just don't want to complain about everything but actually do something about it.
7. I'm expecting new friends, great experiences and speed but harmless situations.

Marjut Lehtinen, head of social policies

1. Marjut Lehtinen 
2. 22 yo
3. From Jyväskylä

4. Engineer
5. I'm a person with a sense of humor, I'm trustworthy and open-minded
6. My interest in student unions began when I got to see some of the
action nationwide. I wanted to see and experience the action locally, so that's why I applied to the student board
7. From this year I expect everything new: experiences, friends and

Jussi Ruskeala, head of educational policies
1. Name: Jussi ”Brownie” Ruskeala
2. Age: Accumulated linearly since Finland joined European research center of particle physics. 
3. From: The kingdom of Finland, Hartola.

4. Future plans: My aviator career ended up due to lack of vision and musician (rock god) career failed cause of my horrible ear for music. So I think I’ll become student for life.
5. Three adjectives that describes me: As Kaija Koo says it (Finnish female schlager singer):” I’m pretty, wanton, happy.”
6. Why did I join LAMKO? It was gloomy and stormy night. I saw a suspicious boiler suited character at the local restaurant’s corner table and encouraged myself to ask: “Hi! You must be the head of entertainment of LAMKO!” And that's the story of how my real life started (ended).
7. My expectations for 2015: I’m fearfully waiting the beginning of Vain elämää – tv show’s season 4, the comeback of the golden nineties (so my middle parting hair and denim jacket wouldn’t draw attention) and that Cheek, Finnish rap artist would move back to Lahti.

Juhana Salminen, head of culture

1. Juhana Salminen
2. 23 years old 
3. From Iitti, the village called Vuolenkoski

4. BBA at first…then maybe MBA or something. After this old and wise, hopefully!
5. Positive, active and reliable
6. My iron-hard LAMKO knowledge obligated me to join the second term. I also feel that I still have a lot to offer to this organization and to LUAS students. 
7. Awesome year in LAMKO board, good job and
BBA-graduate papers

Minna Ikkala, head of communications

1. Minna Ikkala 
2. 20 
3. Hämeenlinna 
4. Nurse after these studies but i'm planning to continue studying! 
5. From my friends: persistent, fair and always laughing! 6. There is a strategy which is named after our chairman Heidi... And of course I want to make a difference on student affairs. 
7. I'm hoping new experiences, new challenges and great moments and memories with this amazing group!

Béla Gazdag, head of sports

1. Béla Gazdag
2. 22
3. My parents are born in Hungary, i have born in Rovaniemi (arctic circle), but Hollola is the place I have coquered

4. The Grandmaster of Folkdance
5. Honest, nice and appropriate (in need)
6. I have a bad habit to stick my nose in everything. The job seems interesting and of course it's always pleasant to work with awesome people
7. A lot of challenges, great feelings and strong smells. it woldn't be bad if I manage to graduate.

Emmi Heikkilä, head of events

 1. Emmi Heikkilä 
2. 20 yo
3. Mäntyharju

4. Hopefully not big haha, in these views social worker!
5. Positive, social, loud
6. Because the way how Heidi recruit people is amazing.. And because I want to affect parties, and the credits are certainly weehee.
7. I'm waiting for 2015 staggering people and amazing parties and experiences. It's gonna be a gorgeus year!

Pictures: Panu Salonen

Whole board of LAMKO wishes you all an awesome year! Please contact us if you have anything to ask or comment, you'll find uour contact information from our website.

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